Pattaya Lockdown Covid 19

Dear Customers / Suppliers,

Further to our previous announcement on April 9, 2020, Hull Co., Ltd. hereby confirms its determination to abide by and comply with all governmental and provincial orders in relation to the lockdown of Pattaya City from April 16, 2020, till tentatively April 30, 2020, in support of the national measures to help confine the spread of coronavirus pandamic.

By this order, our service capability will be limited only within the area of Pattaya.

We foresee that the lockdown will be conducted with extreme stringency and the commuting will be somehow difficult. Hence, we would like to emphasize that any cross-province service will be refrained during the period of lockdown.

On the other hand, for those who reside in Pattaya and desperately need our service, ones can still bring the engines to Hull’s workshop, and for those who reside outside Pattaya, you can send your engines to Hull using the service of transportation contractors. Once we receive the engines, Hull will service all engines to the best of our capability and to the extent that our resources allow. Upon completion of the service, your engines will be returned to you also by transportation contractors.

We assure our commitments to provide our customers all utmost supports at all times and we have to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this incident may cause.

Please take good care and stay safe from the virus.

Very truly yours,



(Mr.Kazuki Otsuka)
Managing Director